Does my small business need a website?


27 Apr Does my small business need a website?

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Here at Mash Solutions we often see small businesses shying away from expanding their brand online. Usual reasons can include not having the budget available to invest in a website, a fear that the product would not sell online or that websites just do not work!

Websites Work

It is important that we begin by squashing any negative rumours regarding having a website. websiteWebsites do work, your business can succeed online. Whether success be measured by income or brand exposure if done correctly having a website can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Over 85% of consumers now use the internet to find local tradesman and businesses, which quite simply means if you are sat reading this blog and your local business does not have a website, your are not only missing out, but you are allowing your competitors to help them selves to over three quarters of your potential customers.

In this day and age, if you invest with the correct local web design company and they produce your business the perfect website for both you and your clients, you are on the path to success.

Brand Image

Not only does having a website allow you to get in front of customers you may never have came across before but it also allows your to make a lasting impression. Having a well designed, responsive and most importantly up to date website allows your business to ooze professionalism, which helps make a better impression on potential customers.

The Trust Factor

Often people that have came across your business not through the website, either via a newspaper add, word of mouth or by another form of marketing will often search for your business online anyway and mainly because of  two important reasons.

  • Further information on your product or service
  • Is you company legit

One word plays heavily on customers heads when deciding to purchase a product or service, that word is SCAM! Customers are now more aware than they have ever been regarding the potential risks in investing money with businesses. TV shows have helped raise awareness throughout the general public regarding the risk of scams. Customers want to invest their money with the most trustworthy local company in that sector, that is common sense. It is therefore important that if you are providing a legitimate service you aren’t just relying on happy customers to build your businesses trust factor but are being proactive yourself. Including customer testimonials, case studies and galleries on your website is a brilliant way to help demonstrate to visitors that you are the correct company for the job.