Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Service

Build and grow your online communities through social media channels. Our team will understand more about your audience and create engaging and exciting content that is relevant to your brand.


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Our total social media marketing product covers:


1.        Facebook
2.        Twitter
3.        Instagram
4.        LinkedIn/Foursquare


For other social media channels, an additional 200 JDs per month is charged.
Our services were include Creating or finding content. Creating a social media strategy that excites your target audience. Posting regularly to engage your audience and increase organic reach.
Finding the best time to post for your target audience. Monitor the audience and traffic on the page and If you do not have the opportunity to manage your social media properly, our team has a passion for it.


What does it cost you?
Besides finding the time to manage your business and not worrying about posting or answering posts.
700 JD’s per month.


The package includes:
1. 100 JDs Facebook advertising credit.
2. One month content calendar.
3. Graphic design.
4. Copywriting.
5. Reporting.
6. Responding to posts while working hours, and official working day.


Payment Terms: Full payment against presentation of invoice.


1)  Mash Solutions will not be able to manage your social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts during official holidays. However posting can still take place using pre-set
2) Mash Solutions will make sure to execute your order as inquired as long as it is accepted by Facebook rules and regulations.