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More than half internet users in Jordan and the region check or send emails on a typical day, that is why Email advertising is often reported as the most effective online advertising and branding tactics.

Every email you send is another opportunity to connect with your customers and position yourself as you`d like them to see you in the marketplace. Every email is an opportunity to do so much more than simply achieve yet one more purchase, one more click through.

Mash Solutions reserves the right to revise or change prices of offers, if there is any change in price of products or in any taxes.

With every purchase of 5 emails Mash Solutions will provide you with 3 options of Email Designs which we can add your text & your logo Free of charge.

An Mailshot can be sent to any of the lists in Jordan or the region.mailshot table2
Please note that each list chosen is considered one Mailshot.

Validity of the offer:

This offer is valid till end of December 2014

Packages purchased should be delivered within one year from purchase date.


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