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SMS messaging is the World’s leading mobile communication tool and is the most effective advertising media in Jordan today.
Mash Solutions SMS marketing service is fully compliant with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Jordan requirements in relation to the broadcast of Bulk SMS.
Mash Solutions reserves the right to revise or change prices of offers and incentives if incentives are out of stock or if there is any change  in price of products or in any taxes.

SMS Message Types:

Commercial Message: Messages that are related to promotional issues. These messages can be targeted to any segment of Mash Solutions database which consist of 5.5 Million contacts. The Sender ID of commercial messages should start with the letters adv. before your company name. adv. (Example: XXXXXXXX)
Sending Times: SMS should not be sent before 9:00 am and after 7:00 pm.

Service Messages: (Informative messages) that cover all communications between your company and your customer database. The Sender ID of service messages can be without the letters adv. (Example: XXXXXXXX) 

Sending Times: SMS are sent 24 hours 7 days a week.


Mash Solutions SMS can be your most effective marketing tool for the following:

A) Mass Marketing: To Mash Solutions Database which consists of 5.5 million profiled subscribers segmented as below:

    • Mash Solutions Subscribers consisting of around 1,000,000 profiled mobile users (age, gender, location and income).
    • Location Based Messages targeting people at specific locations in Jordan. This service is provided to both Orange and Umniah subscribers and requires one working day for delivery. In this case messages will be delivered to groups of people in that location and without any profiling. This database consists of around 4.5 million.
    • Profession Based Messages targeting groups of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.
    • Business Based Messages targeting specific businesses in Jordan such as contractors, jewelers, car dealers, banks, etc.
    • Mobile Type (ie) iPhone, smart phones etc.


Note: An 8%-12% margin of error in demographics should be accounted for.
B) One to One Marketing: Through Mash Solutions free applications that are supplied with any purchase of SMS order.

  • SMS Delivery Platform.
  • Add on Targeted Groups on your SMS Delivery Platform.
  • Database Collection, Interaction with Customers & Traffic Management.
  • Chain SMS to your Customers.
  • Transaction Messages.
  • 2 Way Messages.
  • Personalized Messages (Custom SMS).


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